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Summary: Manage and guide the Inside Sales and Marketing teams, assist the VP of Sales with development of annual sales goals, work closely with Project Coordinator and Territory Sales Manager teams, and support various internal sales activities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • This role is one that requires the ability to be able to manage and the Inside Sales and Marketing teams
    • The role requires a high level of organization, self-starter characteristics, an understanding of the customers we serve and a general understanding of the products we develop
  • Manage the marketing/training coordinator and technical writer to ensure the strategic marketing plans are designed in such a manner that they will support the overall company goals
  • Manage the inside sales team to ensure all critical order entry duties and obligations are accurately and properly being managed
    • This includes the data which is required by all current Kahler systems
    • Work to find more efficient ways to do the work required to enter orders, complete contracts while engaging the customer on a variety of levels
    • Create and provide necessary reviews and feedback for the individuals within your management team
  • Lead the team through your actions, illustrating good communication, work ethic, conduct and a general positive attitude
  • Create an environment of friendly support, mutual trust, respect, and cooperation both internally and externally. Encourages healthy resolution of conflicts and support acceptable solutions and compromise resulting in effective relationships


  • Develops and implements channel marketing strategic plans and goals to meet corporate objectives and increase market share and profitability of products and services
  • Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and communicate product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth
  • Familiarize yourself with the product line’s components and its potential impact on the market as a whole
  • Develop and manage channel partner contracts (Doyle, Sackett Waconia), promotions, programs, and account activities
  • Assesses market competition by comparing the company's product to competitors' products
  • Utilize NetSuite to analyzes sales reports and product trends to new account targets
  • Tracks effectiveness of channel marketing programs, and recommends pricing, promotions, and programs to meet sell through and return on investment goals
  • Works with inside or outside agencies to develop promotions and promotional materials to increase sell through and return on investment


  • Assist the VP of Sales with the development of the Annual Sales Goals (ASG)
    • Provide knowledge and insight which can be used directionally as goals are being considered
    • Share industry knowledge that is gained through regular interaction with customers (both internally and externally)
  • Work to ensure the inside sales team handles key items appropriately including but not limited to;
    • Review sales orders to ensure that the sales process map has been followed in an effort to improve accuracy, reduce rework and confusion while improving the customer experience
    • Once the orders are deemed accurate and ready for entry, be sure they are entered in timely manner
    • Orders that require a contract, work to ensure they are assembled with all the correct information including necessary signatures, ship and bill to data, scope of work, terms and conditions, etc.
    • Rules of engagement regarding contracts are adhered to
  • Proactively work the Territory Sales Managers (TSM) to grow their territories through sharing sales opportunities managed through our Customer Resource Management software (CRM)
  • Provide a best in class experience to all customers through timely, proactive and friendly communication
  • Assist Project Coordinators, Territory Sales Mangers in collecting correct information for new orders.  Information including, but not limited to: bill to, ship to, correct sales tax rate or an exemption certificate and a contact name at the site
  • Works with Territory Sales Managers and Project Coordinators to capture necessary changes to sales orders through change orders
    • Where applicable, propose changes in equipment, processes or use of materials or services which would result in cost reduction or improvement in operations
  • Internally assist in order entry, RMA/RMR and other activities necessary to generally support the sales process
  • Compile, sort and track contracts, purchase agreements, down payments and monthly billing on all contracts
  • Builds, develops, and maintains successful relationships with clients, Territory Sales Managers and Project Coordinators