Seasonal maintenance tips: Spring startup

Note: The following information is an overview of proper equipment maintenance relating to season startup in climates where temperatures fall below 32° F during the winter. Every site is different, so additional/different maintenance may be necessary at your site. Kahler Automation is not responsible for equipment damage due to product freezing, nor will equipment remain under warranty after any such damage. 


Make it a priority to go through a startup process as early in the spring as your geographical area allows. Check all measuring devices — meters, air pressures, panels, pumps, and valves — for performance manually; if there are any miscues with your system they can be handled in a timely manner prior to your busy season.

  1. Cycle power on all control panels, making sure control circuits stay on and are communicating with your system.
  2. Open air supply to your system. Field-check regulator settings for your operating pressure. Pressure will vary depending on your site. The size and number of air actuators will depend on pressure needed.
  3. Check scale readouts. Make sure scales function.
  4. Look at mass flow meter transmitter. Check density; you will have to run product if mass flow meter has been purged of product for shutdown. 
  5. Pumps should not be left empty. When starting pumps, do so in manual. Make sure you have plenty of product in tank. Open tank valve and all valves needed to allow product to flow to pump. Bump the pump motor on and off until product reaches the pump. Running pumps dry will damage seals. Pumps may leak at first, until pump pressures have been reached. Double-sealed pumps that have a pressure vessel should be checked for fluid level and pressure.

For technical support, please call Kahler Automation's service department at 507-235-6648.