Kahler's Truck Traffic Control in action for Southeast Farmers Coop

Southeast Farmers Cooperative utilizes Kahler Automation's fully integrated Truck Traffic Control systems to keep grain deliveries moving at their Elk Point, S.D., terminal elevator. 

This video by Southeast Farmers shows a grain truck as it moves through their facility. Most of Kahler's Truck Traffic Control technology can be seen here: Communications Center (talk with office, ticket printing, etc.), Camera System (monitor operation of grain probes, etc.), Photo Eyes (ensure trucks are completely on scale), Message Boards (verify driver info and direct driver to bays), Traffic Lights (assist traffic flow), and RFID (automatically identify driver, load info).

For additional information on how Kahler can streamline your facility, visit our Truck Traffic Control page. To learn more about Kahler Automation's diverse bulk material handling and industrial innovations, visit our Sales Literature page.

Our thanks to the folks at Southeast Farmers Coop for producing this video and allowing us to share it with our customers.

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