In the Media

Ag Tour Plows Through Martin County (KEYC 7/25/18)  
"The special tour gave insight to issues and concerns of farmers, while showing newer technology for the industry."

Ag Tour Reveals Surprises (Fairmont Sentinel 7/26/18)  
"Kahler builds systems that control everything from a 24/7 fertilizer facility in Brownton, Minn., to panels needed to operate a bean-processing plant in Belize."

Luckey Farmers Gains Efficiency with Kahler Automation (CropLife 7/6/18)  
"Kahler Automation provided a pre-wired motor control center that saved labor and simplified the electricians' job onsite."

United Farmers Cooperative Gains Efficiency Via Kahler Automation (CropLife 7/10/17)  
"Kahler's controls and their automation system made this the most efficient facility in the Midwest."

Stueve Construction Increases Efficiency for Three Ag Cooperatives (CropLife 7/2/17)  
"In working with Yargus and Kahler on the project a state-of-the-art laser system was implemented at the Tripper Conveyor to add to their precision."

Wilbur-Ellis facility brings state-of-the-art Kahler Automation technology for blending fertilizer (iFIBER OneNews, 11/18/15)

Kahler Automation Designs State-Of-The-Art Facility For Heritage Cooperative (CropLife 7/4/16)
"First, we needed to provide 24/7 unstaffed loadout allowing our customers to pick up fertilizer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, we needed an accurate and reliable means of impregnating herbicide into our dry fertilizers. Kahler accomplished both of these key requirements with speed, accuracy and efficiency." 

The McGregor Co. Partners With Kahler Automation To Create A 24/7 Fertilizer Loadout Center (CropLife 6/30/15) 
"Kahler Automation’s design created the opportunity for The McGregor Co. to expand operating at the facility substantially." 

Kahler Automation Helps CHS Dakota Ag Cooperative Build For The Future (CropLife 6/30/15)
"We knew Kahler Automation had the knowledge and we knew their track record. We didn’t spend money to build this facility, we invested money to build this facility."

How Kahler Helped Improve Two Facilities’ Efficiencies (CropLife 7/8/14) 
"The Kahler Automation system allows crop protection products, fertilizer and micronutrients to be weighed and blended electronically on-site to precise measurements, with each load tailored to what specific fields need."

Diversity Enables Greystone Construction To Meet Retailers’ Needs (CropLife, 7/2/16)
"With our Kahler Automation system, we can perform any operation in this building with one person."

Stueve Construction Builds Fifth Facility For Central Valley Ag (CropLife, 7/21/15)
"When it comes to technology, efficiencies and operational ease we partnered with the industry leaders — Stueve Construction, Waconia Mfg. and Kahler Automation on our projects."

Sackett Helps CHS Expand Blending Facility, Improve Accuracy For Customers (CropLife, 7/21/15)
"A very sophisticated liquid feed system was designed by Kahler Automation which fed a six-nozzle spray system in the HIM mixer where six liquids can be sprayed simultaneously so that speed is not compromised when impregnating."

Wilbur-Ellis’ New Sackett Blending Plant Delivers Speed, Versatility (CropLife, 7/14/15)
"To run the system, Sackett teamed with Kahler Automation to provide Wilbur-Ellis with a full Allen Bradly PLC and MCC-based system with automatic controls and agronomy interface."

A&B Welding Develops Efficient Liquid Fertilizer Facility For Heritage Cooperative (CropLife, 7/8/14)
"The facility is automated using Kahler’s latest recipe-based software which allows the entire plant to be operated from a single touchscreen."